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Desktop Publishing (DTP) in NLP

Introduction to Desktop Publishing (DTP)

This comprehensive 1 to 3 day Introduction to DTP (Desktop Publishing) course will give you a thorough understanding in all the aspects of the print publishing process showing you how to design and lay out all manner of print materials including brochures, newsletters, manuals, books and more. The course combines image creation, editing and touching up in Photoshop and then goes on to use either Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress to take the imagery and combine it with text to design the print material. During the course you will be given expert help and tips on the whole print process from how to develop initial ideas, to best layout practice to sourcing and liaising with a printer, deciding on the paper and checking proofs and on-press details. You will also cover choosing fonts and deciding on the best colour combinations including Pantones and CMYK.

This course is an ideal introduction for those who are going to be designing print materials and liaising with printers, or for those who want to learn more about DTP and the whole print process. The course can also include an Introduction to Adobe Illustrator.